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By on June 14, 2013 Has Come To Canada… Woo Hoo!

I recently met the PR gal who is in charge of bringing to Canada and I have to admit… I was skeptical at first. Another online retailer? Another fast fashion concept? Will this be like the flash in the pan online fashion stores that shine bright then fizzle out all too frequently? Honestly, hopefully not because I find my shopping cart growing at an exponential rate with this UK based brand.

With prices that max out around the $100 price point the benefit is obvious but how is the quality etc? The launch party is the 19th of June so I’ll let you know when I find out but until then I’m happy to tell you all about their well priced clothes and their inspirations for Spring Summer 2013.

monochromatic shirt for women

Monochromatic or “Mono” (as they have so deemed) – is the collaboration of white and black in a medley of prints and patterns. They nail this trend pretty well I have to admit.

“Nevada” – I don’t remember this trend being too prevalent on the runways (except for the occasional fringed piece) but they certainly took it to a whole new level. Fringed jackets and western wear whip wildly as if riding a stallion into the sunset bareback.

“Butterflies and Florals” – Let it be known that a floral print simply doesn’t have to cost you an arm and a leg but will still be able to get you the look you’ve been going for without smashing the piggy bank.

“Off Campus” – Let’s be perfectly honest with each other… this trend is mega, but can only be worn by the right person. A person with unadulterated style and totally in tune with their “boyfriend jean” and varsity jacket wearing persona. Overalls play a part in this trend as well.

Then there’s the “Candy” trend – and though, I think I know where they were going with this concept, as in the yummy colors of Spring and iridescent shine of glimmering textiles that were so prevalent on the runways, I still feel that the word “Candy” was a little ambiguous for the trend. Perhaps cupcake or icing would have been better but at the end of the day you get the point.

Floral printed shirts for men

I’ve had a great time surfing their site and learning more about them and I really suggest you check em out yourself and do a little damage while you’re there. And by little… I mean it. With an average price point of around $40 you can literally afford to buy out the shop!

Check them out here

Also… they have swimwear for men and ladies but more importantly… men! 

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